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Are looking for a reputable concrete contractor? Our skills, experience and reliability can bring tremendous value to your concrete foundation construction.

Concrete foundation construction and footing services are one of our specialties. We are experienced and reputable contractors in the Muskoka and surrounding areas.


Footings are the most Important part of a buildings Foundation.
Weather the footings are on Bed Rock or on undisturbed soil if not done right can lead to problems in the future.
Our Team makes sure Footings are done professionally to give support for years to come.


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ICF Foundations

Warm and strong without the additional framing and insulation. Add in a radiant basement and a cold damp basement will never be an issue again. The styrofoam and concrete foundation mean that your walls will be water resistant.

Flotaing Slabs

Building a floating slab is one of the most economical methods of constructing a foundation. Traditional foundations include a strip footing with a frost wall above. The strip footing is installed below the frost level, usually 4′-0″ below grade.

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